Win some; lose some

We’ve spent a lot of time over the last 24 hours looking at trees. In Ishasha, part of the Queen Elizabeth National Park, there are tree-climbing lions and on two game drives we went off in search of them.

With Wilson, our driver/guide, looking for lions
A fig tree, the type preferred by lions

There were plenty other animals around:

Ugandan Kob, part of the antelope family
Curious buffaloes
A Velvet Monkey mother and new-born

But tree-climbing lions? Not one.

Then we saw a land rover parked under a tree, with lenses trained on the branches. A sure sign. Wilson parked the vehicle and we looked up. Not lions, but this beautiful female leopard.

While we didn’t see tree-climbing lions (population: 20) in Ishasha, we did get this great view of one of the 3 leopards in the park, so we really can’t complain!

We’re now in location for the main event. It’s a beautiful setting, with the hills of Rwanda to the south…. and the thunder rumbling all around!

6 thoughts on “Win some; lose some

    1. Thanks, José. We felt very lucky to see them. There was even a third, but too far to photograph.

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