Gorillas, not missed

Yes, it’s a corny title, and as you can see it was misty in the rain forest earlier! Today was the first of two with the gorillas, here in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in south-western Uganda. The forest is home to about 500 gorillas, amounting to over 30 groups, 16 of which have been fully habituated and can be visited.

We set off: 8 visitors, 3 trackers, 2 AK47-toting guards and a handful of porters to carry our packs.

The rain forest awaits
The rangers who know the forest and groups of gorillas so well

We had been allocated the Bweza group and, if we’re honest, that worked extremely well for us because it didn’t involve too much walking! With 3 silverbacks, an adolescent male, 7 females and 3 juveniles and one infant, we were really hopeful of some good sightings.

Silverback no 1 wanted to show us he was there by chest beating – just like Tarzan!
This is the dominant male silverback, but his position is being challenged as he ages
The pretender to the throne made his presence felt
One of the 7 females in the group with a tiny baby
Mother and babe head off in search of food

The real star was an 18-month old juvenile who put on a show for us, swinging on branches, weakly beating his chest and staring directly into the camera lens, clearly curious and enjoying being the centre of attention.

It’s gorillas again tomorrow, and it’s all very unpredictable…….!

4 thoughts on “Gorillas, not missed

  1. What wonderful photographs of the gorillas. Truely an amazing adventure this has been for you both. Lets hope tomorrow will be as good or even better than today.
    Happy birthday David for tomorrow.
    Have a super day.

  2. Amazing post yet again from team Tiffin. So glad you are seeing what you came out to do. Continue to have a super time! xx

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