Under African skies ….

We promised you more than just lions, leopards, chimps and gorillas and now that the 2000+ photos are down to a more manageable 400, here’s a selection of other creatures.

The very strange looking Jackson’s hartsbeest
We all love the elephants
Beautiful, colourful malachite kingfisher
A very shy common grey duiker
And another from the antelope family, the Ugandan kob
Cool dudes, patas monkeys
Happy hippos
Not so happy? Our guide described this type of animal – male, elderly, outcast – as “loser”!
This was another “loser”, a rather muddy – what is that on his horns?! – buffalo
Hyenas definitely weren’t losers, always on the look out for an abandoned kill
This is an agama lizard, not a chameleon as we wrote before
Not so many of these were around, just in one small national park
But these fine creatures were everywhere
Long-crested eagle
And its cousin, the fish eagle

To finish, a few favourites – we hope you like the b&w:

When we got home, we worked out why this gorilla was staring so intently: he could see his reflection in the camera lens

As for Uganda # 2, planning is underway. Let’s see!

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