Bangkok contrasts

Close to the tripping-off-your-tongue-named Chong Nonsi train station are two very contrasting buildings. The first, set among the high-rises of the Bangkok central business district, is a collection of teak houses, assembled by the late MR Kukrit, a former PM of Thailand. It’s a beautifully peaceful spot, even though it’s near one of the city’s main thoroughfares.

There are 5 teak houses, brought in from around the country, linked by a Khmer-style garden and pool, with a horrible looking occupant:

Inside the buildings, it’s a little calmer, with personal treasures and cultural artefacts MR Kukrit collected during his lifetime. Note the table with photos of the late King, Rama 9, clearly much-prized.

Air-conditioning, Thai teak house style
Thai-style teak house air-conditioning

At the opposite end of the building spectrum is one of Bangkok’s newest skyscrapers:

Called King Power MahaNakhorn, this is now the tallest building in the city. If that name is familiar, think of Leicester City FC, and the very sad and untimely death of its owner in a helicopter crash in October 2018.

From another angle, and see the top left side:

And now zooming in:

The lift ascent to the 78th floor took all of 50 seconds.

Maximum speed but still another 29 floors to go

There was lots of information about the building: it was conceived “to reflect the ambition and excitement of one of the world’s most dynamic cities. The pixelated design ….. becomes the city’s new icon.” (perhaps the owners of IconSiam might not agree there).

Relative height confirmed
Beautiful art installation called "Gift of Life" on the observation floor
An art installation called the Gift of Life

Of course, you go up there for the views………

Looking east, with Lumphini Park in view
And west – IconSiam is on the river and we can spot our block

And to step out onto the glass platform – the Skywalk – 307 metres above the city:


On the ground again, not for the first time we enjoyed the contrasts of this great city:

6 thoughts on “Bangkok contrasts

  1. Makes my knees go weak just looking at you two of you on that glass floor. I’m definitely not tempted. See you soon! Steve

  2. Fun pics ,the LEGO tower is amazing, weather looks inviting , love the sky walk. You two looking healthy. You know what excitement we got going on over here! Victoria & Ray

    1. Thanks, Vickii. Yes, we’ll be following with interest, as we’re sure you are with our unfolding events xx

  3. Intrepid as always! You would NOT have persuaded me to stand on that glass floor. Just looking at your photos makes me feel a bit queasy.
    I loved the teak houses and the feeling of calm you can get in a busy city. Some of Tokyo’s inner city temples are a bit like that.

    1. Thanks – glad to have done the glass floor but no need to do it again! We’re planning another trip to Japan so will talk about those temples before we go xx

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