The Largest Golden Buddha in the World

We’ve been to Wat Traimit many times during our stays in Bangkok but with a visitor here for a few days we took another look, which was very worthwhile because there’s now an exhibition explaining how this priceless treasure was “discovered”.

Wat Traimit which houses the Golden Buddha

In 1955, Wat Traimit was built to hold a golden Buddha. The work was complete and the statue was driven into the grounds of the wat, where a pulley was ready to put it in place a few storeys up. While monsoon rains raged, the work continued, but with little success. Suddenly, disaster struck: the rope of the block and tackle broke and the statue fell to the ground, smashing off a chunk of it. When the workers looked closer, they could see a black lacquer and glint of gold. Experts were summoned and the exposé showed that beneath the gold-leaf was plaster which in turn covered a solid gold Buddha, the largest in the world.

When the statue was being hoisted up, it would have looked as above, while the image below shows the layers used to disguise the solid gold.

Weighing 5.5 tons, the Golden Buddha dates back to the 13th century and the Sukhothai period. It was disguised during the 15th century

The leaflet describing this Buddha has the following final words:

May the sanctity of the Sukhothai Traimit Golden Buddha image bless you with good luck and fulfill your wishes at all time.

Rather nice!

Another New Year…..

Bangkok marks 3 New Year celebrations: 1 January, Thai New Year – Songkran – which falls on 13 April, and Chinese New Year, which takes place between the December solstice and the March equinox. Red lanterns and dragons are everywhere right now. This year it’s on 25 January so we’ll miss it all as we return home tomorrow.

Lots of food and drink before we head home

It’s been fun having our friend Steve visit us for a few days on this trip, and we’ve enjoyed sharing some of the famous sights, but mainly our favourite eating places!

Enjoying coconut ice cream with peanuts and coconut jelly: a nice change from vanilla.

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  1. What a pleasure to have met you on your recent travels through Bangkok. Love your stories and wonderful pictures. Will search back and read more. Enjoy your next trip. Looking forward to another meeting someday. Karin and Dave

    1. Many thanks, Karin. Lovely to meet you both and all the best for your last few months in Bangkok and for your retirement. Please come and see us if you come to Bristol. Best wishes from us both.

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